How To Power Wash Your Home - Call the Professionals

In the same way that baseball is a team sport, so is power washing. Don’t try and play the entire field yourself – you’ll lose.

The Indians would never go into a game fielding just one player. Could you imagine how crazy that would be? Let’s imagine trying playing the field. Once you pitch the ball, you’d immediately have to sprint faster than you pitched to run behind the batter at home plate to catch the ball. If the batter hit your pitch, you’d then have to sprint to catch the ball and get to first base to see if you could get the runner out. As interesting of a thought experiment that this is, there are only two people that come to mind that might pull this off; Superman and The Flash. We mere humans are neither.

Why bring this up? Think about trying to power wash your home by yourself. First, you have to either rent or buy a power washer. For a typical 2600 sq/ft house you’re in for at least two full days of sweaty, backbreaking work. So that rental will cost you a minimum of three to four hundred bucks, and a decent consumer grade power washer is around six hundred to buy new. Don’t forget your cleanser! Buying enough for your house is another hundred or so. Do you have the right kind of hose? If not, that’s another hundred. Do you have a fifteen-foot scrub brush to reach your gutters? There’s another fifty. How about a ladder to reach the second story of your house? That’s an easy two fifty.

All in, we’re at well over a thousand dollars even before we factor in what it’s worth for you to spend a weekend slaving away outside in the scorching heat fifteen feet up in the air balancing yourself on a ladder lugging a heavy, water-filled hose and power washing wand.

Money aside, do you even have an entire weekend of uninterrupted time to dedicate to a project of this scale? I can’t remember a weekend in recent history that I haven’t participated in a family gathering, a kid’s sporting event, a school event, or had to do a few hours of paperwork on one or two of those days. I guess you could convince yourself that taking time off work might be a good idea, but then you’d be using those precious vacation days that you’ll end up wanting later in the year.

So why would you do it yourself? Sure, you get to unleash your suburban craftsman for a weekend, maybe feel a self of accomplishment about tackling such a daunting project yourself. Maybe save a few bucks? Doubtful. Your time aside, we’ve already demonstrated that we’re on the high side of a thousand bucks, when Perfect Power Wash can clean your home for half that in a few hours. What’s your time worth?

Do It Yourself Power Washing Infographic

Time for some brutal honesty, friends. Here’s the thing nobody wants to say to you – but I will. Your work isn’t that great…in fact, it’s probably bad. Do you really think that you’re going to perform as good of a job as a professional, who does this full time? That’s like thinking you’ll be able to hit a major league fastball. It’s just not a realistic expectation.

If you’re shopping at the local mega hardware store, you have neither the best equipment nor the experience to get the job done right. That brings me to my last point. Assuming you ignore the evidence of price, time, and expertise, will you actually do the work? According to many people smarter than us, maybe not.

According to a recent study performed by the U.S. Journal of Consumer Research, of the 2000 folks surveyed that identify as “do-it-yourselfers”, an astonishing 44% of that group admitted to not finishing tasks that they thought they could do. Why? 25% cited a lack of knowledge, 24% cited not enough spare time, and 16% got bored.

Look – if you’ve gotten this far it’s time to give us a call. Let our team handle all the heavy lifting for you this spring and hit a home run for your home.


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