How We Clean and Seal a Driveway

The day is here. Your driveway is soon to be transformed by our cleaning and sealing service. Your in-field service member is on their way. What’s their process? What do they do from the moment they pull up to your home to the point of completion? Here’s how we clean and seal a driveway:

Step 1: Prepare the Equipment

Our team member parks their truck and places cones if necessary. They extend their hose from the truck to the area they’ll be starting on your driveway. As they carry a hose to the water source, they make sure to take the best path possible to not disrupt any bushes, shrubs, furniture, or anything else on your landscape. While doing this, they note any areas of concern. They write down everything in order to fully prepare for the cleaning process.

Step 2: Prepare the Concrete

Our in-field staff member applies our specialized cleansers to the surface. The cleansers soak into the concrete and break down any dirt or grime. They also neutralize any unwanted living organisms like moss, algae, mold, and mildew. Next, the staff member rinses away the cleansers and loose surface contaminants with fresh water.

Step 3: Apply Cleanser and Sealer

Our staff member begins the deep cleaning portion of the driveway cleaning process. They start by adjusting the soap dispenser to allow the correct flow of cleansers and water. After this adjustment, your service member cleans at a slow but steady pace to ensure that dirty concrete is not left behind.

Depending on the age of the concrete, the staff member either cleans with their wand or with a surface cleaner. Newer concrete under three years old hasn’t fully dried and requires the use of a wand attachment for a soft wash. Alternatively, concrete older than three years is safely washed with a surface cleaner. This step fully prepares the concrete to apply our premium siloxane sealer.

Upon cleaning the surface, your in-field service member looks for any problem areas to determine if any spots need more attention. The staff member then adds sealer to the concrete until they’re sure that it has fully absorbed into the pores.

Step 4: Rinse the Concrete

The in-field staff member then rinses everything away from your driveway with fresh water. They begin at the highest point of elevation and push everything to the draining source. They rinse all treated areas and spots with excess water. Any contaminants or dirt that loosened during the cleaning process is also washed away.

Step 5: Wrap-Up

Our team member detaches the hose from your water spigot and safely returns the equipment back to their truck. Anything previously adjusted on your property is moved back to where it initially was. We then walk with you to the treated areas and give you a detailed explanation of what we did. If you have any questions or notice any spots you are uncertain about, we address and retreat them if necessary.

Get Your Driveway Cleaned and Sealed Today

As you can see, we take tremendous pride in the work that we do. We ensure every driveway and concrete surface is cleaned with precision. If you have any questions at all about our driveway cleaning and sealing process, request a quote right now.


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