How to Clean a Roof Like a Pro

Properly cleaning a roof is no easy task. In fact, it often requires a professional roof cleaning and treatment service. Companies like Perfect Power Wash can quickly get rid of black streaks, algae, moss, and all types of contaminants. This is accomplished with a special cleanser and soft wash. Combined, the two will eliminate the threat of permanent damage to your home.

Below is the typical roof cleaning process for our team at Perfect Power Wash:

Step 1: Preparation and Setup

Our team member parks his truck and places cones if necessary. He connects his hose to a water source. As he is locating the water source, our staff member makes sure he is taking the best path possible so any bushes, shrubs, furniture, or landscaping is not disrupted. Then, our staff member extends a different hose from his truck to the starting area of your roof. As he walks around the home, our team member notes the affected areas of your roof. If there are any mats, plants, or pieces of furniture in the way, he moves them out of the path of his work. Our team member then sets up his ladder and starts the roof cleaning at the highest point of elevation.

Step 2: Roof Cleaning

With his roof wand, our team member applies our algaecide cleanser from left to right, fully saturating the shingles in the affected areas. Black streaking in these areas will go away immediately. Moss and lichens begin to change color and will fall off over time as the roots release themselves. Once the area is completed, he moves the ladder to the next area and repeats this step until all the affected areas are treated.

Step 3: Wrapping Up a Roof Cleaning

When the roof cleaning is complete, our in-field service member climbs down, detaches the hose from your spigot, and safely returns the equipment to his truck. He returns everything he adjusted on the property back to where it was upon arrival. Our staff member walks you around the property and gives a detailed explanation of what he did. If you have any questions or there are any spots you are uncertain about, he addresses them and retreats them if necessary.

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As you can see, we take tremendous pride in the work that we do. Every job is important to us, and our top priority is satisfying our customers. Contact us today if you have any questions at all about our Perfect Roof Cleaning.


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