Home Maintenance Projects to Schedule Before Winter

In between summer barbecues and fall gatherings, make time to tackle routine home maintenance projects. If you do, your home will be in great shape for the winter season. Need some ideas for your home maintenance checklist? Consider these ideal tasks to handle before winter arrives:

    • Clear your deck of debris. Sweep up any twigs, leaves, or other debris that accumulates on your deck. Make sure that nearby tree branches or shrubs are at least one foot away from the perimeter of your deck. Once your deck is clear of debris, consider scheduling a pressure wash to remove any dirt and grime.


    • PerfectPowerWash-Roof-Washing-Apr15Inspect and repair your roof. Loose or missing roof shingles can be a major problem come winter. Take time to inspect your roof and repair or replace any broken shingles as well as address bare spots. Noticing a lot of black streaks? Your roof could be a prime candidate for a thorough power wash to remove contaminants.



        • Re-caulk or repair weather stripping on windows and doors. You’d be surprised how a gap in the weather stripping of your front door—letting in cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer—can increase your energy bills. Make sure the weather stripping on every door and window is intact. Repair the stripping or caulk any gaps.


      • Clean the dryer vent. Between loads of laundry, you may not realize the volume of lint that builds up in your dryer vent. Dryer lint is very combustible, causing a significant risk for fire damage. Make sure that your dryer vents are clean. Some professional cleaning companies, like Perfect Power Wash, offer a service to ensure all lint is completely removed from the vent. Be sure to schedule a yearly dryer vent cleaning.

      As you tackle these home maintenance projects, call Perfect Power Wash for any pressure washing needs, such as roof, deck, and gutter cleaning. We also perform thorough dryer vent cleanings.


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