Gutter Cleaning And Maintenance Tips


Your home’s rain gutters are designed to direct the water from your home’s roof to an area away from your home. Gutters clogged with leaves, dirt, and other debris cannot serve their intended purpose. What happens when gutters clog? They dam up, causing water to overflow and the gutters to become loose. Water will then collect around your home. Too much water around your home can put you at risk for basement or crawl space flooding and can even compromise your home’s foundation.

Knowing this, taking good care of your gutters should be a central part of your regular home cleaning efforts. There are some general tips that can help with gutter cleaning and maintenance:

  • Wear safety gear. When inspecting or cleaning your gutters, you will likely come into contact with mold or dirt. Always be sure to wear protective gear, such as heavy gloves, a dusk mask, or safety goggles.
  • Inspect gutters at least twice per year. We recommend checking your gutters, at minimum, two times a year, ideally in spring and autumn. This will help you catch any potential issues before they cause permanent damage.
  • Flush regularly with a stream of water. Your garden hose can be a helpful tool to maintain your gutters. Shooting a stream of water through your gutters can help clear away some of the built-up leaves or dust.
  • Check that downspouts are working properly and directing water away from your home. If necessary, you can add extenders or splash blocks to better control how the water runs out of your downspouts.
  • Check for signs of damage, such as black streaks. These are streaks that form and become embedded on the exterior surface of your gutters. They are caused by a combination of mold and mildew, as well as dirt, and can cause permanent discoloration if left untouched.
  • Lastly, call in the professionals! While yearlong maintenance is important, a professional power washing company can provide the thorough gutter cleaning necessary to prevent mold or algae growth, as well as brighten the gutters’ exterior.

Perfect Power Wash uses a unique Soft Bristle Brush Gutter Brightening process to clean and restore your gutters. Call today for a convenient estimate and to learn more!


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