Give Your Home Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Chocolates, cards, candy – all great things for Valentine’s Day, but how about showing some love to your home? You may not have noticed it, but over time your home’s siding, roof and concrete surfaces might need a little TLC. Here are just a few ways that the power washing experts at Perfect Power Wash can give you a hand with your home maintenance:

  • Professional siding restoration can solve siding issues. Using powerful, commercial-grade, truck-mounted power washing equipment, your siding can be easily restored. A pressure wash, followed by scrubbing with soft brushes and biodegradable detergents will bring your siding back to life.


  • Wood siding CAN be cleaned! For a wood-sided home that needs some TLC, low-pressure spray and gentle cleaners can prepare wood for a new coat of stain or sealant. This project is best done by professionals as wood can be easily damaged by powerful pressure washing equipment.
  • Get rid of the gunk on your driveway and sidewalks. Dirty concrete is a very common problem and one that can be solved really easily. With the rotary brushes on our power washing equipment, you will see your concrete driveway and sidewalks come back to life. These rotary heads prevent marks from developing during the cleaning process.

Give your home a big hug this Valentine’s Day by signing up for professional power washing services from Perfect Power Wash. We offer residential pressure washing services, including roof restoration, house cleaning and concrete restoration for homes. Call now for an instant estimate and a convenient service time!


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