Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home’s Exterior

Worried that your home looks dull or dingy? Do not let dirt and grime destroy your home’s curb appeal. Refresh your home’s exterior with a variety of professional power washing services, available to clean every part of your home from your roof to your driveway. These are some of the services available:

  • Roof cleaning: One easy way to refresh your home is to remove those black streaks from your roof. Those streaks look like dirt, but they are actually signs of mold and algae growth on your roof shingles. After a thorough roof soft-pressure wash, those streaks will disappear. The next time you pull your car into your driveway, you will look up and be amazed by the restored appearance of your roof.
  • PerfectPowerWash-Gutter-Cleaning-Apr15Gutter brightening: If your gutters are a muted gray, rather than the bright white they once were, a gutter cleaning and brightening service is ideal for your home. For example, Perfect Power Wash offers a unique gutter brightening service designed to restore your gutters to their natural vibrant white. That will provide an instant boost to your home’s curb appeal.
  • Driveway cleaning and sealing: Do not let your dirty concrete driveway become an afterthought. A driveway can be an important element of your home’s curb appeal. A professional concrete power wash will first deep clean the surface of your driveway and then seal the concrete to prevent future contamination or stains.
  • Deck washing: A buildup of grime can mute the natural beauty of your wood deck, causing it to appear dull and gray. Power wash to remove grime and restore the appearance of your deck, bringing back to life the rich color of the wood.
  • House washing: You would be amazed at the volume of dirt, grime and other contaminants that are adhered to the siding of your home. These contaminants require more than a garden hose or a soapy sponge to remove. A thorough home power wash is the only way to completely kill and remove harmful mold, mildew, and algae. The added benefit of power washing is an entirely refreshed, like-new home exterior.

Ready to refresh your home with professional power washing? Call Perfect Power Wash today for a convenient instant quote for services.


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