Dryer Fire Prevention Safety Tips

Tossing a load of laundry in the dryer is such a frequent chore that you may not think carefully about what is happening during the drying cycle. As water is pulled from your clothes, so is lint—which detaches from your clothes and becomes lodged in your dryer vent. If your vent is not cleaned, lint will build up in the vent to the point that it blocks the flow of air. Not only does this reduce the efficiency of your dryer—increasing your energy bills—but it can raise the temperature of your dryer and cause it to overheat.

It is important not to neglect the serious risks of a potential dryer fire. You must take action to prevent a dryer fire, including these safety tips:

  • Never use a dryer without a lint filter. The filter’s job is to catch the lint rather than allowing it to clog in the vent pipe. If you run a load of laundry through your dryer without the filter, the lint will go straight to the pipe. This is extremely dangerous as the pipe becomes very hot with exhaust and the lint is very flammable.
  • Clean the filter out before and after each load of laundry. This is a simple task that takes only a few seconds to do, but is very important. The more lint that is trapped, the harder your dryer motor has to work to dry your clothes. Because the dryer has to run longer
  • Never leave the dryer on when you go to bed or leave the home. It is a best practice to always be aware of your dryer when it is running. If a dryer fire does occur, and you are away from home or asleep, the risk to you and your family’s safety is significantly increased, as is the damage that may occur to your home if the fire is not caught quickly.

To ensure you never have to recover from a dangerous and costly dryer fire, call the team at Perfect Power Wash. Our expert dryer vent cleaning service utilizes pressured air nozzles that removes every trace of lint from your vent. Call today to learn more and schedule your service.


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