The Dream Team Visits the Malachi House

The Perfect Power Wash Dream Team aims to give the gift of clean to those in our community who go out of their way to better the lives of others. Malachi House does just that. Located in the Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland, this organization has dedicated their resources to creating a loving environment for those in the final phases of their life.

After hearing about Malachi House and connecting with their staff, our team headed out to beautify the building that has become a home for over 2000 residents over the past 31 years. Read on to learn more about the organization and their visit from the Dream Team.

The Creation of Malachi House

Malachi House began when Father Paul Hritz and co-founder Catherine “Kaki” O’Neill realized there wasn’t a safe place for less-fortunate individuals to spend the final days of their life. Often, they would encounter homeless individuals dying on the steps of the parish, in deserted buildings, under bridges, and other unsuitable places within the city of Cleveland.

When four turn-of-the-century rowhouses were donated in 1986, the dream of Malachi House became a reality. It took numerous volunteers and union laborers more than 100,000 hours to renovate the buildings to be a warm, comfortable, and caring home. In 1988, Malachi House opened their doors with one goal: to preserve the human dignity of individuals who are terminally ill.

The Mission of the Malachi House

Only two years after opening, the nonprofit received $2 million which allowed them to expand on the building and increase their capacity from 10 beds to 15. But Malachi House provides more than just a bed to the residents. Within the building you can find a:
• Family dining room
• Living room
• Chapel
• Atrium
• Full-service kitchen

The volunteers and employees of Malachi House truly do all they can for the residents. Beyond the primary purpose of meeting basic human needs of food, shelter, and comfort, they provide other essentials that make the residents feel valued. They do so through music and animal therapy, family meals, and holiday parties.

If you would like to read how these therapy sessions have had an impact, you can read resident stories on their website.

The Visit from the Dream Team

The Dream Team’s visit to Malachi House started as many other power washing jobs do. One of their staff members called in to get a quote. After discussing their needs and reviewing the property, our team member Travis realized it would be a great fit for our Dream Team. Soon after, we had a date set up to take care of all their needs.

The interior of Malachi House is immaculate. It’s comfortable, neat, and homelike. But as you could imagine with a 109-year-old building, it’s difficult to keep the exterior up to par. A tree-lined street and the not-so-distant Cuyahoga River surround the property. Its front sidewalk is filled with foot traffic from nearby restaurants and businesses. This all adds up to dirt, algae, and a much-needed facelift.

The goal of our Dream Team was to make the exterior look and feel the same way as the interior of Malachi House. Using our industry-leading process and state-of-the-art equipment, our team accomplished this in just a few hours. Cleaning the brick façade, concrete surfaces, and stucco siding produced striking before and after results. It was a fitting ending to see Malachi House staff members smile as they reviewed our work.

The Perfect Power Wash Dream Team is committed to “Random Acts of Cleanness” and has provided services free of charge to organizations such as Love an Angel, RAHAB Ministries, Norton Fire Department, and Edgewood Park in Barberton.

If you know someone or somewhere deserving of a visit from our Dream Team, don’t hesitate to nominate a location today.


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