Power Washing Decks and Fences

Our Perfect Deck Wash process is identical to the Perfect Fence Wash process. For brevity, this article only refers to the Deck Wash. Using our proven process, our in-field team members clean wooden, vinyl, and composite decks/fences with safe pressure. Deck washes are priced by square footage and are designed to remove algae, mold, dirt, and other surface contaminants. Our in-field staff will also remove any sun spots or chipped paint if you intend to repaint or restain the deck. Contaminants on your deck will make their way to the siding of your home, so we come prepared not only to get the deck clean but also neutralize any living organisms present. If the contaminants have already made their way to the siding, we recommend looking into our Perfect House Wash.

Our Deck and Fence Wash Process

Our staff members walk around your deck and note any problem areas. As they walk around, the team members move any furniture or other items out of the way if necessary. They prepare the surface with a rinse before applying cleansers. As our staff members let the cleansers take effect, they scrub any of the more stubborn areas with a soft bristle brush. Once the deck has been cleaned, the in-field staff members rinse everything away with freshwater. They finish up by returning any furniture or other items back to the way it was when they arrived.

Other Things to Consider

The wood on your deck must be handled with care. When exposed to Ohio’s changing weather conditions and the sun, wood will soften and leave it susceptible to damage if not properly maintained. Our staff members always use a safe pressure and proven process that will not leave any streaks in the wood. Having these surfaces professionally cleaned is extremely important. There are countless instances where our in-field staff members have encountered a deck or fence that a customer has tried to clean themselves to no avail. A safe pressure and great attention to detail are the two primary factors that result in a perfectly clean and protected surface.

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