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Decks are a great place to host family and friends, but they also attract some unwanted guests

When the weather is right, there’s often no better place for family and friends to gather than on the back deck. Decks are built level to the ground; therefore, rain and snow don’t run off the floorboards quite as easily as on a non-level surface. Any dirt, algae, and other contaminants that happen to be sitting on the surface tend to stay there unless you take steps to remove them. Runoff from your roof or house easily brings any contaminants from those surfaces right onto your deck with nowhere to go. Often, we find that a deck is the dirtiest part of the outdoor home.

Our Perfect Deck Wash is ideal for both wood and vinyl surfaces alike. We use safe, appropriate pressure depending on the surface your deck is made of, along with a cleanser to help remove algae and mold. A Perfect Deck Wash gets your outdoor entertaining area looking great – or “barefoot friendly” as we like to say.

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Did You Know?

Did you know that pressure treated lumber (usually pine), has been treated with a chemical that not only protects it from rot and decay, but also protects against termites and other wood eating insects? That same pressure treating, however, makes the wood surface more porous and more susceptible to moisture damage. As a result, any pressure treated lumber typically collects contaminants faster than other flat surfaces around the home – which is why decks tend to be the dirtiest surface outside the home.

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