Dealing with Mold, the Hidden Home Danger

When you are considering having your home professionally power washed, you may be focused on restoring your home’s cleanliness and exterior curb appeal. What you may not realize is that power washing is also the best defense against mold, a hidden danger faced by many homeowners. Why is mold so dangerous? Here are just a few reasons to deal with mold on your home’s exterior sooner rather than later:

Mold spores are microscopic. Because mold is a fungus, not a plant, it produces spores. These spores are so tiny that they are smaller than human hair: A mold spore ranges in size from 3 to 4 microns; in comparison, a strand of human hair is 100-150 microns, per the Florida Solar Energy Center. You and your family could be ingesting spores of mold while you are outside playing or doing yard work without even realizing it.

Mold grows and spreads very quickly. Damp, dark conditions are ideal for mold growth, meaning that areas like roof shingles, pipes, or house siding are ideal breeding grounds for mold. Tiny spores quickly multiply.

Mold causes serious health concerns. People who have a mold allergy or asthma may have a stronger reaction to mold. For example, coughing or worsened asthma symptoms can be a result of breathing in mold spores. Other symptoms include eye or skin irritation, throat irritation, or a stuffy nose.

PerfectPowerWash-House-Power-Washing-Apr15How can you tell if mold growth is prevalent on your home’s exterior?

  • Musty smell
  • Black or gray “dirt-like” spots on your siding or roof shingles
  • Experiencing some of the above health symptoms, such as congestion or coughing

How can you eliminate mold from your home’s exterior?
One of the most efficient ways to destroy mold is through professional power washing. An experienced team will ensure the mold is completely killed, as well as utilize an additive that will prevent and protect against its return.

If you suspect that mold is present on your home’s siding or roof, do not delay. Call Perfect Power Wash immediately to schedule your thorough home power wash and stop mold before it harms your family. Call today!


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