Common Gutter Problems

Most people know that gutter cleaning is a necessary and important household chore. However, with busy schedules and inclement weather, staying on top of gutter cleaning can be difficult. If gutters are neglected, serious problems can occur. These problems can be both cosmetic—your gutters becoming a dirty eyesore—and structural—your gutters losing their function and putting your home at risk. Be aware of these most common gutter problems:

  • CPerfectPowerWash-Gutter-Cleaning-Apr15logged Gutters: This is the most common gutter issue. Leaves, twigs and other debris can become trapped in your gutters. If they are not cleaned regularly, this debris turns to sludge. Sludge clogs your gutters, blocking the intended flow of water through your gutters and out the downspout, away from your home. This instead allows water to flow down around your home’s foundation, putting your home at risk of flooding.
  • Gutter Warping or Bending: Another side effect of clogged gutters is gutter warping or bending. That sludge—the debris trapped in your gutters—is heavy and can weigh down your gutters, causing them to warp or bend. Gutter warping or bending is common as gutters age, as metal does not last forever and can become corroded. This, too, can keep your gutters from functioning as they should.
  • Leaky Gutter Joints: When gutters are old or weatherworn, small holes can occur in their surface, allowing leaks. If caught early, these leaky gutter joints can be addressed by using a sealant to patch any holes.

Do not neglect your gutters! If you need assistance, call the team at Perfect Power Wash for our debris removal and Soft Bristle Brush Gutter Brightening Service, as well as ice dam removals. Call with any questions or to learn more.


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