Caring for Your Concrete Driveway During the Winter

If you are a homeowner with a concrete driveway, you recognize that well-maintained concrete surfaces add significant value to your home. You also recognize that cold winter weather—ice, snow, and frigid temperatures—can make it very difficult to care for your driveway. Between constant snow removal and trying to keep surfaces ice-free, how do you ensure your concrete is not damaged in the process? The following are some of the best practices to help you care for your concrete driveway during the winter.

Regularly clear snow and ice.
No matter how tired you are of shoveling, make it a priority to keep your driveway clear, rather than letting snow and ice continue to accumulate. If your driveway is frequently cleared, snow and ice will be prevented from freezing into the surface of your concrete and then thawing, a process which can cause cracking.

Ensure that snow plow blades will not scrape the surface of your driveway.
Perhaps you hire a professional snow plow service, or you plow your own driveway. Either way, make sure the blade of the plow is lifted high enough that it will not scrape and damage your driveway in the process.

Avoid parking heavy vehicles and equipment on your driveway.
In general, avoid parking heavy vehicles and equipment on your driveway, particularly for long, sustained periods of time. The weight is not good for your concrete.

PerfectPowerWash-Concrete-Cleaning-Apr15Avoid using deicing chemicals.
Deicing chemicals will effectively melt ice, but they will also penetrate the surface of your concrete, particularly if your concrete has been recently installed. Once the chemicals penetrate your concrete, they will go through a process of freezing and thawing, which can cause problems like scaling and spalling. Another alternative to keep your driveway ice-free or to add traction is to use kitty litter or sand.

Have your concrete cleaned and sealed before winter.
The best way to care for your concrete driveway during the winter is actually to be proactive in the summer and fall. Have a professional power washing company clean and seal your concrete so that it is ready to withstand the inclement weather and harsh conditions of the winter season.

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