Beware of Home Damaging Contaminants

What you may think is dirt on the surface of your home is actually evidence of a damaging contaminant that should be removed immediately. Power washing is the best method to remove these home-damaging contaminants as well as prevent against their return. Here are three examples of contaminants that you may not immediately recognize:

  1. PerfectPowerWash-Roof-Washing-Apr15Black algae on your roof. Black algae is deceptive because it looks like dirty, black streaks. Some home-owners wrongly believe those streaks to be unavoidable dirt buildup, or even a sign of a defective roof shingle. This algae growth, called Gloecoapsa Magma, thrives on eating the limestone filler in the shingles of your roof. As it eats away at the filler, it absorbs moisture and keeps your shingles from drying. If the algae is not removed, it can permanently hurt the structural integrity of your roof and lead to a premature roof replacement.
  1. Mold on your home siding. The danger of mold is that once it settles on any surface of your home, it can spread quickly to any nook or crevice. It is not always easy to recognize: Mold spores are microscopic, invisible to the human eye. Sometimes mold growth can look like dirt, appearing as tiny black dots or streaks; other times, you may notice a green, moss-like growth along the base of your home or growing on home siding. Mold poses serious health concerns and should be removed immediately.
  1. Mildew on your deck. Mildew is mold in its earliest stage. It is a thin, whitish growth that is prone to growing on organic matter like wood. That makes your deck a prime target. For example, a damp deck can promote the growth of mildew. Consider signs of mildew to be a warning of potential mold growth in the future. Other signs that mildew exists are graying or splintering deck boards. When you see any evidence of mildew, act quickly to schedule a deck power wash.

Recognize any of these contaminants on your home? Fortunately, they can be treated by the certified professionals at Perfect Power Wash. Call today to schedule your roof, deck, or house cleaning.


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