Best Late Summer Home Cleaning Projects

There are many home maintenance tasks that you may not think about on a regular basis, but are still important to your home’s function and appearance. Late summer is a great time to tackle these projects, both inside and outside of your home. While there are many projects to consider, here are some ideas to help you start your late summer “to-do” list:

  • PerfectPowerWash-House-Power-Washing-Apr15Clean your microwave fan or range hood to remove grease. The hood or microwave should be cleaned inside and out. You may be surprised by how much grime can build up while cooking! Turn off power to the fan, then wipe down the fan blades. After removing the grease filter from the fan, either wash it in the dishwasher or soak it in very hot, soapy water.
  • Clean your bathroom vent fans. Cleaning these fans may be an afterthought, but will improve their efficiency and prevent any repairs being needed due to a buildup of dust. Remove the cover of the fan, and using a vacuum or a cleaning brush, remove dust from inside of the fan box and wipe down the blades of the fan. Also clean and soak the fan cover to thoroughly remove dust.
  • Deep clean your carpets. Take advantage of the remaining warm, sunny days of summer when children can play outdoors to give your home’s carpeting a deep clean. It is recommended that this be done once a year to remove dirt as well as any allergens.
  • Power wash your home’s exterior. After a long summer, the best care you can provide for your home is a thorough power wash. This will remove all of the grime and dirt that has adhered to your home’s siding over time, including potentially harmful contaminants such as mold and mildew. If you end the summer with a power wash, you will start the fall season with a clean, refreshed home exterior. You will also have the security of knowing that any contaminants have been killed and removed from your home.

If power washing is on your home’s late summer to-do list, give the professional team at Perfect Power Wash a call. We clean homes, concrete, decks, gutters, roofs and more. Call to schedule your appointment today!


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