Perfect Power Wash

It all starts with the Perfect team

We’ve had the same passion for providing Perfect service since we started over 19 years ago

Each year, we welcome tens of thousands of homeowners into our family of Perfectly Clean Properties.

Perfect Power Wash has been beautifying and maintaining homes and businesses since 2000. Right out of college, Michael Palubiak started a power washing business out of his parent’s garage. Today, still owned by Michael, this Norton, Ohio based company is synonymous with sparkling homes, beautiful businesses, and perfect results.

Perfect Power Wash’s residential and commercial power washing services are second to none. Perfect House Washes leave neighborhoods glimmering in the sun. Perfect Roof Cleanings eradicate infestations of algae, moss, and lichens. Our Driveway Wash & Seal leaves driveways perfectly clean and protected. Decks, patios, fences, and all your other exterior home surfaces are cleaned with state of the art processes. The result will make your neighbors envious.

What Customers Say

It was great to come home to a new-looking house! Well worth the money. The work they did in a few hours would have taken me weeks. I included a before-after comparison of the algae they removed on the north side of my house.

– J.K.

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Perfect By Design

We always push the limits, so that when we say “Perfect,” we can back it up

Homes and businesses are extremely large investments, and Perfect Power Wash is uniquely positioned to provide perfect results, every time.  Our cleaning methods exceed the minimum standards set by the Power Washers of North America (PWNA), and lead the industry with our response time and attention to detail.  When you choose Perfect Power Wash to help beautify and maintain your home or business, you’re getting the best power washing company in the world.

We provide the fastest and most efficient processes; have the most referred and highest rated service; and set the bar at perfection. Don’t settle for second best—there’s only one Perfect Power Wash.

Perfect Power Wash Technicians Cleaning Driveway

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