A Quick Guide to Maintaining Your Concrete Driveway

PerfectPowerWash-Concrete-Cleaning-Apr15Concrete is a commonly used, very durable driveway material that many, many homes throughout the United States have. While you may think of your concrete driveway as something that can endure just about anything, to keep it looking good, it does require some maintenance. Here’s a quick guide to maintaining your driveway and keeping it looking great!

Concrete is porous. What you may not realize is that despite how hard the surface is, concrete is porous. Made from a combination of small gravel, sand and cement mix, there are still tiny holes in the solid surface.

Grime and bacteria can collect in the pores. Over time, dirt, grime, bacteria and mold and mildew can actually collect in the small pores of a concrete driveway or sidewalk. This is a natural process as the driveway is exposed to the outdoor elements. If you have seen stained areas of your driveway, then this is likely the issue.

Power washing is a must! The best way to maintain your concrete driveway is to have it power washed on a regular basis. Pressure washing will remove stains and mold and mildew from the surface. You can do this as a homeowner, however without special equipment, you may find that you have marks on your driveway that simply won’t come out.

Professional concrete restoration can leave your driveway in like-new condition. Using a special process, the experts at Perfect Power Wash can get your concrete looking great. We take advantage of commercial grade power washing equipment that has a rotary head to provide a deep cleaning.

A sealant can make keep your driveway looking great. Once your driveway has been cleaned, sealing it with a clear product will keep it looking like new for years to come.

Get your driveway clean! Call Perfect Power Wash today for an instant estimate!